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Under 25 X Instagram India

During October of 2020, when the world was still getting used to Covid-19 & Lockdowns, Instagram wanted to work with Under 25 Studios to create a video series to help youngsters with the overload of Anxiety and unrest. The Video series was conceptualised to be a 3 part conversational series between The Artidote and guests uncovering topics like Anxiety, Confusion, Acceptance and so on. 


Instagram India




Digital Campaign

Type of Work


My thought process with the overall branding and Identity of the project was to represent Anxiety in a digital format, to represent the state of confusion and the feeling of being stuck.

Hence I felt a glitching windows computer window would be the perfect visual representation of

this state.


Using this idea, the overall logo unit and branding was developed for the series, and the same style was then implemented into the overall video edits as-well.

Along with the same, to better suit the narrative, the team also worked on a complementing illustration style to help narrate some aspects of the story in a more visual manner. 


Studio / Brand

Under 25


Instagram India

Graphic Designer

Akbar Faisal

Creative Director

Anto Philip


Mansi Mishra

Video Editors

Ashfaq Ahmed

Shaun Reneaux


Shaun Reneaux
Akbar Faisal

Ashfaq Ahmed

Creative Contributors

Siddharth Mohandas

Niranjana Nair

Rishab Agnihotri

Varsha M

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