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Under 25 X Instagram India

During the boom of Open AI's Chat GPT, Google India came forward to collaborate with Haptik to organise a talk about 'Generative AI' and it's potential impact on various Industries. 

The Event was held in Google India's Bengaluru Office, and a curated list of Top CXO's were invited for this talk.


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During May 2023, the most buzzing topic throughout the world was Generative AI. But, while it had gotten everyone curious, how one can leverage it, was something not many people were clear of.

This is where 'Gen AI Talks - by Haptik x Google India' Came into picture. The intent of the event was simple, to bring forth some prominent Indian figures in the Generative AI space to discuss on some key topics of interest.

The primary conversation points were to discuss what exactly Generative AI is and more importantly how a brand can leverage Generative AI into their brand.

With this Google also would also discuss some key features of Bard by Google I/O and a potential roadmap of their Generative AI capabilities.


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