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Besto is a streetwear brand that aims to make a mark on the growing streetwear culture in India by establishing itself as a strong and bold player in the market. 






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Brand Identity
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Web Design

Event Design

Post covid there has been a boom in the streetwear scene in India and with that a lot of brands are stepping into the light to try and make their mark within the industry. Besto is one of them.

The thought behind the brand, according to the founders, was to establish a strong, bold & young streetwear brand that exudes confidence.

The parent company, having been in the clothing industry in the background for a while, wanted to use Besto as them stepping a bold and young foot into the light. 

The brand name was something they closed on without a thought, so the first step for me was to establish a thought and meaning behind an existing name.

The process : 

This was a new brand that my employer at the time, Jio Haptik, was launching. The idea of the brand was clear and specific :
Contakt : A Customer Experience Platform, here to help brands privide a better, faster and smoother customer experience all with the help of AI based features.

The idea behind the brand name was again simple and direct, what does a customer do when they need help with their product / service : they contact customer care. Hence a simple and direct brand name 'Contakt', keeping this in mind I wanted to keep the logo and branding also very simple and easy to understand.

My intent and approach of this identity project was a little bit different, for this logo the first and foremost thing that I moved towards designing was establishing the 2 primary entities of this brand -
the customer & the customer care executive. Why? because contakt would be the link between the 2, so my idea was to crack the 2 ends and then use them to crack the connector between the two, that being the brand.

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