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Haptik / Jio Haptik Technologies is India’s Leading conversational AI platform. I joined Haptik as Senior Designer to spearhead their overall design transformation and give the brand a more more modern and futuristic branding that complements their growth and AI advancements.






Conversational AI

Type of Work

Ongoing Branding
Web Design

Event Design

I joined Jio Haptik in summer of 2022 with the intent of bringing a strong design shift in the brands design system while learning and growing in a AI driven brand.

Luckily, my tenure in Jio Haptik was filled with AI innovation both in-house and within the AI industry and I was lucky enough to have the space and possibility to explore different AI tools, Generative AI, Chat-GPT and a lot more. 

About 1 year into my tenure at Haptik, the company underwent a major restructuring which left me as the sole designer handling all design requirements of the brand. 

This put me in a position where I had to figure how to deliver quality work within acceptable timelines without burning myself out, a problem that pushed me to learn fast and execute faster. I ended up becoming extremely proficient in planning, I tried learning new tools to allow me to deliver better and I dabbled into new mediums.

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