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LIT School
Brochure Design

LIT School (Learn.Innovate.Transform) is a one-of-a-kind experiential learning program for the next generation of creator marketers.

It aims to break the marketing education system by bringing forth a unique model of learning that focuses on learning based on real world assignments.


LIT School




Brochure Design

Type of Work

Print Media

They came to me with the thought that the brochure for a program around 'creator marketing' should have it's own flair and enigma and not just be another plain-jane college brochure out there.

The idea was for it to feel something new and fin embodying the spirit of the course and the dynamic nature of LIT School itself.

My idea for the design was to try and make it as fun as possible without loosing focus of the information

The idea was to bring in elements into the branding that embody feelings like - dynamic, creation, creator and so on; and then plug the information around this almost telling a visual story.



LIT School

Creative Direction - Graphic Designer

Akbar Faisal

Project Management

Kundan Jain

Anushka Jain

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