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Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

With a name as unique and fun as this, the brand wanted their website to be equally fun and bold and bring out their young and youthful energy onto the website.







Type of Work

Web Design

I worked closely with their in-house designer to crack the perfect combination of a funky website design with good UX.

The idea was clear on a few ends from the get go, to have a black website with strong pops of color so everything has a funky edge to it & also to have a strong influence of illustrations into the mix. 

A strong focus was given to some key elements of the website like the form, the campaign popup and everything that the brand offers to ensure, whole the website is all fun and bold, the key messaging is translated across to the end user easily.  

Brands like WLDD primarily operate on word-of-mouth, good relations & their social media. The website is less for generating leads and more of an information hub and to establish a legitimacy of the brand, the design approach was keeping this thought process in mind. 


Lead Designer

Akbar Faisal


*By The Brand

Project Manager 

Shanelle Barboza | Kundan Jain

Creative Contributors

Anushka Jain

Kundan Jain

Arihant Jain

Vivekanand Kilari
Jaidev Kesti

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