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Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield is a legacy bike maker that is renowned for its quality and dependability. But the one thing they felt they were lacking was their hype within the younger college crowd.


Royal Enfield Gunners was a college community program started by Royal Enfield ( with the help of Under 25 ) to grow their presence within college communities and also evolve their brand as a more youth centric brand. 


Royal Enfield





Type of Work


Royal enfield was a tricky client to work with, being a legacy brand there were some aspects they we very fixed on and I was only allowed a very limited amount of creative space to explore with.


Another aspect, sadly, was that the executives reviewing and giving feedback where of a far older age bracket compared to the target audience in focus. This lead to a very specific direction of intent - letting the logo be as easy as possible, the colors need to be Royal Enfield brand colors only, No funky fonts. 

With the restriction I had, my thought process was driven by adding logical elements they couldn't fight back on. Hence the pitch we went with was to use a number plate, bringing the logo in dead focus, and with a light texture representing the dirt. 


While the logo in it's bare form is quiet simple, the end intent was never to crack something extremely complex, the idea is that,  if one is to look at the logo does that give me the following points in my head - Royal Enfield | Bike | Riding | Long Drive on Trails 


Studio / Brand

Under 25


Royal Enfield

Graphic Designer & Creative Direction

Akbar Faisal

Project Manager

Anand Bhatt

Creative Contributors

Siddharth Mohandas

Anto Philip
Shreyans Jain

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