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A savvy tool that helps you ‘choose to learn’ over winning or losing in the world of competitions! It encourages the value of skill-building to prepare young & sharp minds to adapt to the needs of the ever-changing corparate world.

On the other hand, Slamitt enables competition organizers to step up their game too with a one-stop solution aimed to simplify the scoring process so judges can connect better with participants through


Rethink Labs




Identity Design

Type of Work


With the brand being a digital first brand and needing a logo that can have strong digital native renditions like like App Icon, In Brand Currency etc.

And with the app being a platform that is associated with college competitions, both its logo and branding would need to have a good physical presence that is young and confident. 

The ideal concept of the logo came out to be 'The Feeling Of Doing Something Right' and the emotion we concluded upon was 'Hi-5ing' and the sound that follows. Whether that is 2 teammates hi-5ing each other after a win or a friend congratulating another for their good try. It a s clean consistent emotion that defines the true feeling of a competition. 




Graphic Designer

Akbar Faisal | Anushka Jain

Creative Director

Akbar Faisal | Anushka Jain

Creative Contributor(s)

Kundan Jain

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