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Diageo India
Supplier Awards 2023

Diageo, one of the world's biggest premium alcohol brands, hosts an annual supplier awards for all its local suppliers to reward and acknowledge it's top partners. 


Diageo India





Type of Work

Event Identity
Event Theme

Diageo was working with an agency for the execution of the awards and I was tasked by the agency to set the overall theme for the same.

My task was to set the overall theme of the award and its potential translation and then pass on the same to the agency for the final usage based on their timeline. 

The key aspect that the brand was looking for in the theme was a tone of royal & grand luxury while still bringing in classyness.

Keeping this in mind we went ahead with a royal blue tone and hints of gold, and mixing that up with a gradient & liquid flowing element to bring in an aspect of 'liquid' into the theme. 


Creative Direction / Graphic Design

Akbar Faisal

Project Manager

Kajal Upadhya




Diageo India

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