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Besto is a streetwear brand that aims to make a mark on the growing streetwear culture in India by establishing itself as a strong and bold player in the market. 







Type of Work

Brand Identity

Post covid there has been a boom in the streetwear scene in India and with that a lot of brands are stepping into the light to try and make their mark within the industry. Besto is one of them.

The thought behind the brand, according to the founders, was to establish a strong, bold & young streetwear brand that exudes confidence.

The parent company, having been in the clothing industry in the background for a while, wanted to use Besto as them stepping a bold and young foot into the light. 

The brand name was something they closed on without a thought, so the first step for me was to establish a thought and meaning behind an existing name.

The process : 

The brand had a very clear and direct brief (which is hard to come-by in this field), they wanted me to make a logo & branding in my signature bold and youthful style. They wanted it to be strong, with bold and upfront colours with strong presence of black within the branding. With further discussions we were able to close on a couple of very clear design pointers :

They wanted an identity system with clean and clear logomark and a distinctive wordmark. Why? Because it played extremely well in their favour to have 2 brand identity elements (wordmark & logomark) that would allow them to place it on their various collaterals and merchandise. The logomark would be perfect for use-cases like buttons, rivets, clothing tags etc, where as the wordmark / the full logo unit would be an ideal fit for larges use-cases like store signage, bags, merchandise and so on. 

During the process of development of the branding, and with multiple discussions with the brand & the project manager, I felt that that their tagline deserved a strong treatment of it's own. During the early phase of the research I had closed on Nike as one of my core base brand reference for this project and while doing this research I was very drawn to how Nike has treated "Just Do It" as almost a 3rd type of identifier of a brand. And with this base pointers set we were able to work towards a definitive branding. 


Creative Direction / Graphic Design

Akbar Faisal

Project Manager

Kundan Jain

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